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Tips for Finding a Reliable Certified Commercial Electrician

What do you look for when searching for a commercial electrician?

The word commercial implies large scale work, not just the installation of a light fitting or a wall socket.

Those kinds of jobs can be done by smaller businesses, but if you are looking for electricians for large scale projects you need a solid firm with plenty of experience and knowledge like Coughran Electrical Services.

Here are our top tips for finding a reliable certified commercial electrician in Byron Bay.


Usually, word of mouth recommendation serves for smaller jobs, but such work as shop fitting, industrial, or civic electrical solutions need a bit more.

You can check reviews of similar works to get a feel for the firm you are considering.


If you are in need of wiring for a new build, rewiring an old commercial building, or putting in new electrical systems you want a company that not only has the manpower, equipment, and knowledge of the industry, but a solid background of experience.

A good search by internet or by public records will show which companies have been involved in such projects in the past.


It is essential to choose a company with fully qualified electricians.

Members of trade associations are also a useful indicator.

For example, we are members of Master of Electricians Australia, Accredited Installers with the Clean Energy Council and Arctick Certified. 

Our electricians have passed time served apprenticeships.

These are the qualifications and qualities that you should look for when trying to find a reliable certified commercial electrician.

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial electrical installations and that is what you need.

Range of Services

Commercial projects are often more involved than residential projects so it’s good to know that your electricians can handle a number of jobs.

The firm you choose should be able to handle one-man jobs as well as significant projects, as well as being able to liaise with other contracted trades during the process. 

All in One

There is no need to go anywhere else, as we at Coughran Electrical Services are commercial electricians in Byron Bay that can get the job done.

Check out our past clients and you will find out that we are reliable and certified electricians.

Our range of work covers not only commercial projects, but also residential, industrial, and public sectors. For more information, contact us here