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Signs You Need an Underground Civil Electrician

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If you’re working on a building site, there are some definite signs you’ll need an underground electrician.

It’s not safe to continue work on the project unless you’re skilled and trained. Here’s how to know you should call us for help. 

Presence of Animals

If you suspect that animals have been near your underground lines, you should call us for help.

The damage these can cause put you at risk of an electrical shock or fire and should be repaired immediately for safety’s sake.

Signs of an animal’s presence include bite or gnaw marks on the wires and holes dug near where cables and wires are buried.

In addition to calling for help, take measures to ensure that the animals don’t return. 

Losing Power

If you already have power running to the site, a good sign you need an underground electrician is if you keep losing power.

This indicates that there is something going on and it’s likely something you’re going to need a professional to help you with.

We can get at the buried cables and check to make sure they’re working properly so that you always have power when you need it. 

Cracked Insulation

If you’re working on your job site and digging uncovers buried cables with cracked insulation, you need help.

That insulation is there to protect the cables and to provide safety for anyone working in the area.

Cracked insulation is a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately so that an accident doesn’t occur and so that you don’t lose power to your site. 

Accidental Dig

Perhaps you’re working at your site and mistakenly dig into a buried cable. This can be dangerous and you should stop right away and contact us for help.

We’ll come and assess the damage and make sure the cable is safe and in good working order.

If repairs are needed, we’ll take care of that for you so that you can get back to work as usual.

It’s not safe to try to do this yourself so always wait until an expert shows up.

When you realise that you need an underground civil electrician in Byron Bay, contact us right away for the help you need.