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Are you considering making the move to solar in Byron Bay? We provide reliable installations, repairs and maintenance for solar panels and inverter systems. Harness energy from the sun and lower your power bill by switching to solar with Coughran Electrical.


Our qualified electricians provide an extensive range of solar power services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Northern Rivers, including Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Ocean Shores, Brunswick Heads and Ballina. We install, maintain and repair solar power inverters, panels and battery systems.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels allow you to harness the sun’s energy to efficiently power your home or business. The energy collected during the day can be stored and used when you need it. This minimises your reliance on grid electricity and the nasty prices that come with it.  Solar energy is also renewable and has a lower carbon footprint than Australia’s non-renewable electricity grid.


This means that not only is solar power more environmentally friendly, but In the long term, it will save you money by reducing your electricity bills.


At Coughran Electrical, we’ll inspect your property and advise you of the best system to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our team will work with you from the initial consultation, through to the ongoing maintenance of your solar system.


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Our commitment to green alternatives

Aerial View of Solar Panels — Coughran Electrical Electrician services in Northern Rivers Byron, NSW

Green energy is a key consideration for our customers. We are committed to offering every customer green alternatives, as well as pointing out ways in which they can operate in a more energy-efficient manner. 

Not only do we recommend green options when it comes to installations and repairs, but we’re also able to install and service solar power systems.

If you already have solar panels in place, we are able to install upgrades, check performance and also offer advice on how to best increase your yield.

Providing an economical source of energy for heating and hot water, solar panels can be located on almost any property. 

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Advantages of using solar energy

  • Solar energy has the lowest negative effect on the environment in comparison to other energy sources. It doesn’t pollute water, nor does it produce greenhouse gases. It also needs minimal water to maintain.
  • Solar energy does not have any noise pollution – another impressive benefit since many solar panel installations take place in relatively urban areas.
  • Minimise your energy bill: Since you’re generating your own electricity, you’ll be using a lot less electricity from an official energy supplier. This means that you’ll automatically save on your spending. In other words, the more energy your solar panels produce, the less you’ll need from the suppliers.
  • More energy production during peak hours: We’re lucky here in Australia that we get plenty of sun in the summer. This means that you will produce more energy during the day.
  • Everyone can use solar energy: Solar energy is infinite, and it can reach anywhere the sun touches.
  • No running costs: After installation, you won’t need to worry about operating costs.
  • Low maintenance: Besides making sure that your solar panel gets enough sunlight, you’ve got nothing else to do.


1. How many solar panels will my house need?

The more solar panels you install, the more solar energy you’ll produce for your home. However, it’s difficult to say exactly the number of solar panels you’ll need as this depends significantly on your energy usage, the size of your home, and how many people live there.

2. How do solar panels benefit the environment?

Since solar panels are renewable, they won’t run out. They’re also very environmentally friendly since they reduce your carbon footprint and don’t produce greenhouse gases.

3. How much do solar panels cost?

It’s difficult to say how much your solar panels will cost as this depends on various factors, such as how many panels are needed. However, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer solar panels at competitive prices here at Coughran Electrical.

4. Do solar panels work on days when it is cloudy?

Of course. Although the amount of electricity generated will be less, the solar panels do still work on cloudy days. Did you know that radiation from the sun is used to generate electricity, not heat or sunlight?

5. Should I invest in solar panels?

This depends on a range of factors. But, generally speaking, solar panels are an excellent energy source for homeowners. Solar panels have gained a lot of traction over the past few years. Although the initial installation cost is high, you’ll be saving a lot more through this investment over the long term. The benefits (lower energy bills, increased value of the home, and reduced environmental impact) are far greater with solar panels.

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