Underground Services

Coughran Electrical has a reputation for providing reliable, professional and high-quality civil underground electrical services.


Our top-quality fleet of excavators, trucks and heavy-duty machinery allows us to install, repair and maintain underground cabling with ease. Based in the Northern Rivers, we cater for civil work throughout Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores, Ballina, Mullumbimby and surrounding areas.


Whether we are extending an existing supply or installing brand new cables, Coughran Electrical can take care of the whole project, from design to implementation.


Our team has a wealth of experience both completing and managing civil underground work, so let us manage your project from start to finish.


How long does underground electrical servicing take?

The duration of underground electrical servicing largely depends on the scope and complexity of the project. For smaller tasks, such as repairing a single cable, the work might be completed within a few hours. However, larger-scale projects like installing new underground systems in commercial areas may take several days. Factors that influence the timeframe include the length of cable needed, the type of terrain and any required permissions or assessments. We ensure all projects are planned meticulously to minimise disruption and complete the work efficiently.

What are the signs that indicate when underground electrical service is needed?

Recognising the need for underground electrical servicing is crucial for maintaining safety and functionality. Signs include frequent power outages, visible wear on cables if they are accessible, flickering lights or unusually high electricity bills, which might suggest a fault in the system. Additionally, if you notice any exposed or damaged wiring, it’s imperative to schedule a service. These symptoms indicate potential risks and inefficiencies, necessitating a professional assessment by a qualified electrician.

How much does underground electrical cable cost?

The cost of underground electrical cables varies depending on the type of cable, its capacity and the required length for the project. Typically, higher-capacity cables or those designed for specific environmental conditions will be more expensive. It’s important to consider not only the cost of the cable itself but also installation fees, which include labour, digging and additional protective measures like conduit. Contact us for professional guidance.

What maintenance is required for underground electrical systems?

Underground electrical systems generally require less maintenance than overhead lines, as they are protected from weather and environmental damage. However, routine checks are advisable to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the system. Maintenance tasks might include inspecting and testing the insulation resistance of cables, checking for moisture ingress and ensuring all connections are secure. We recommend scheduling regular inspections to avoid costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your underground electrical infrastructure.

Are underground electrical systems safer than overhead systems?

Underground electrical systems offer enhanced safety benefits compared to overhead systems. They are less susceptible to weather-related damage, such as storms or falling branches, which significantly reduces the risk of power outages and electrical hazards. Additionally, by being buried underground, these systems are not accessible to the public, lowering the risk of accidental contact.

How do I prepare for underground electrical servicing?

Preparing for an underground electrical service involves a few steps. First, you should arrange for a professional to evaluate the specific needs of the site. Subsequently, permissions from local authorities need to be obtained. The area should be cleared and marked to help the servicing team identify where work needs to be conducted. Get in touch with us for assistance.