air conditioning Byron Bay

At  Coughran  Electrical,  our  technicians  pride  themselves  on  their  attention  to  detail  and  the  quality  workmanship  they  provide.  Since  we  face  such  harsh  climate  conditions  in  Australia,  keeping  your  air  conditioning  and  refrigeration  system  serviced,  and  repaired,  is  a  necessity.  Our  team  will  take  care  of  the  entire  process  for  you,  offering  the  best  solution  for  every  situation.  With  a  wealth  of  experience  in  the  industry,  we  have  refined  our  services  to  ensure  all  domestic,  commercial  and  industrial  needs  are  met.  We’ll  ensure  breakdowns  and  faults  are  handled  with  ease.  


 Particularly during the warmer months, A/C that’s working optimally is always a priority.

If it’s been a while since your A/C has had a service, we suggest getting in touch before the thermometer starts to rise. That gives us the opportunity to ensure your system is performing efficiently, resulting in the temperature you want for minimal energy usage.

Regular servicing also reduces the risk of failure and can prolong the life of your A/C unit.


Call us to  arrange  an  appointment  with  our  technicians. 


Our  air  conditioning  in Byron Bay experts  handle  all  installation  services  for: 

  • Split system air conditioners
  • Ducted  air  conditioners
  • Cool  rooms
  • Freezer  rooms
  • Cold  cabinets

We  install  systems  from  leading  brands  to  ensure  you  are  getting  the  most  efficient  and  sustainable  results  for  your  needs. 

Maintenance & Repair

To  keep  your  air  conditioner  or  refrigeration  system  running  at  complete  capacity  it’s  crucial  to  have  regular  maintenance  performed.  Similar  to  a  vehicle  service,  our  maintenance  and  repair  services  will  help  lengthen  the  life  span  of  your  systems.

Our  team  can:  

  • Remove  &  repair  filter  blockages  &  congestion
  •  Check for any general wear & tear
  •  Repair  or  replace  worn  &  faulty  wiring  

Don’t  let  a  malfunctioning  air  conditioner  or  refrigeration  system  ruin  your  day,  contact  us  for  prompt  services.