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What’s The Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature?

On hot summer days in the Northern Rivers, your air conditioning can be a lifesaver. But what exactly is the ideal temperature for your air conditioning to be set to?


Let’s discuss how to make your home or office a haven from the heat at anytime, while ensuring that you are being as economical as possible.

What Is The Best Air Conditioning Temperature?

Ultimately, the ideal air conditioning temperature depends on the time of year. For homes situated in hotter valleys without an ocean breeze, a lower air conditioning temperature may be required and needed more frequently, whilst those on the cooler coastline can go without for more of the year.

As a guide, we recommend setting your air conditioning temperature to between 22-26 degrees for maximum efficiency. If your air conditioner cannot cope and reach these temperatures, then it may be worth investigating why this is so hard for your system.

Can I Save Money On My Air Conditioning?

Making small adjustments to the way you use your air conditioning can result in surprising savings on your energy bills. Ergon Energy estimate that for every degree you increase your air conditioning, you can save 10% on your energy bill. We, therefore, suggest setting your air conditioning at no lower than eight degrees below the climate temperature.

Keeping your air conditioning at a higher temperature can also help to extend its life span and reduce the need for costly repairs and maintenance. The harder your air conditioning has to work to keep your home or office cool, the more strain is put on the system and the more energy it will consume.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioning At Night

The evening air is often naturally cooler, so nighttime is an opportunity to turn off your air conditioning and save some dollars. Opening some windows to create a cross breeze can also cool your home efficiently, perfect for comfortable sleeping on less humid nights.

Take Advantage Of Shade

You can’t turn off the sun, but you can protect and insulate your home or business to keep the heat out. Keeping blinds and curtains shut during the daytime can provide critical insulation needed to keep rooms cool and reduce the strain on your AC system over the day.

Turn Off Electrical Devices When Not In Use

You may not realise it, but electronic devices and appliances may be emitting heat that is causing your room temperature to climb. Avoid leaving the television on or leaving computers running when not in use. Not only will this drive down your energy bills, but it will also help to keep your room temperature cooler.

Where possible, cooking outside can also keep the temperature of your home down. Whilst this isn’t always possible, turning off your oven and lighting the BBQ can be a super effective way to reduce strain on your air conditioning on extremely hot evenings.

Schedule Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Over time your air conditioning can gather dust and debris that clogs the filter and makes your system work harder to keep your property cool. Scheduling regular AC maintenance ensures that your system is operating effectively and isn’t causing an unnecessary rise in your energy bills. It can also prevent costly damage and reduce downtime for repairs in the future.

AC Maintenance And Repair From Coughran Electrical Services

At Coughran Electrical, we are available to install, repair and maintain domestic and commercial air conditioning right across the Northern Rivers. Our licensed, expert electricians have extensive experience ensuring air conditioners are operating at their best, helping to keep your property cool and your bills low.


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