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How Air Conditioning Helps with Humidity in Byron Bay

New South Wales is known for its summer heat and humidity, with many residents struggling to stay home without some sort of air conditioning unit.

In particular, you might be concerned about the humidity in the area, which is, on average, 70%. In order to overcome this level of humidity, you need the best air conditioning for your Byron Bay home.

Coughran Electrical Services can tell you why. 

Keeping cool in summer

The most important thing that air conditioning units do is to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

You might believe that all they do is cool down air and then blow it out into your home until the temperature is reduced, but in fact, they do much more than this.

As well as cooling you down, they can also reduce heat and humidity in your home. 

Taking away humidity

Air is removed from the room through the air conditioners and is circulated back into the room through the refrigerant coils.

The temperature of the atmosphere is lowered, and with good air conditioning systems like those installed by Coughran Electrical Services, you can get a lower humidity as a result. 

Are dehumidifiers best?

Your air conditioner is not designed to dehumidify the room, but they can still be a good way to reduce the amount of humidity in your home, helping to keep it cool regardless of the temperature outside.

If you want to have complete humidity regulation, then a specialist unit may be best.

However, for cooling air and removing humidity, air conditioners are a suitable alternative. 

Improving humidity reduction

If you struggle to get good humidity reduction from your air conditioner, then speak to Coughran Electrical Services today.

It may be that your unit requires servicing to allow it to produce better cooling and dehumidifying. 

Removing moisture

In addition to cooling down your home, the AC unit will also remove moisture.

This can be an advantage for both summer, in reducing humidity, and winter, when condensation on windows can be removed by the unit. 

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