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Can Installing Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

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Solar panels are the ideal way to save costs on power, providing a beneficial and sustainable alternative to traditional energy.

If you’re considering installing solar panels on your home but are concerned about the potential damage they can cause, we can take care of any concerns you have.

Read on to discover if you should be concerned about this when installing solar panels at your Northern Rivers property.

Can solar panels damage my roof?

In the vast majority of cases, installing solar panels will cause no damage to your roof at all. When you hire a professional installer who is experienced and accredited, all the groundwork should be in place to minimise any chance of damage.

However, there are a few ways solar panels can harm your roof if you don’t go with a reputable professional that takes the necessary precautions.

Here are some of the reasons below:

Your roof isn't suitable for solar panels

A roof that doesn’t have the necessary stability for solar panels can easily be damaged by an installation.

Any qualified solar panel installer will ensure they conduct a complete check of your roofing before agreeing to an installation. One of the most significant benefits of choosing an experienced solar panel professional is they will be honest about whether solar panels are suitable for your home up front before any damage is done.

Wear and tear from storms and weather

Severe storms and high winds can be a problem for solar panels that may not be properly installed into their racking.

For instance, solar panels without the proper anchoring may be destroyed by very high winds, leaving damage to the roof itself. However, this will rarely occur with properly installed panels.

Failure to provide leak protection

As solar panel racking is drilled into the roof, it’s integral to providing proper leak protection. If your installer fails to do so, damage from rainwater can lead to problems over time.

Choosing a reputable company is the ideal way to prevent long-term, costly damage to your roofing when installing solar panels.

Solar Panels Installed On A Roof

How can I avoid damage from solar panels?

If you’d like solar panels but you’re still unsure about potential damage, there are several things you can do to protect your roof and ensure a smooth installation:

Hiring a professional installer

Working with a licensed professional to install your solar panels means you get the industry quality and standards necessary to prevent damage.

A qualified installer will ensure everything is well-placed and secure. It may be tempting to save money by doing the racking yourself and hiring someone to hook up your panels, but hiring a professional is always best.

Regular maintenance and care

Maintenance and cleaning is key to keeping your roof and solar panels in good condition. 

Ensuring you schedule maintenance and cleaning for your solar panels can ensure your roof is also kept in reasonable condition by finding any problems quickly before they become costly.

It’s also a good idea to have regular maintenance for your whole roof where possible, particularly if your roof or property is on the older side.

Get prompt repairs

If you spot a problem with your solar panels or roofing, fixing it quickly is the ideal choice to prevent worsening problems. Damage from other sources, such as tree branches or other materials in high wind, can damage solar panels and their racking.

 Ensuring quick repairs can prevent panels from slipping and help to avoid any holes or damage to the roof as a whole.

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