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How Can I Save Energy with My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners generally have a reputation for being inefficient and expensive to run.

However, with Australia’s climate, air conditioning is a necessity, and sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right thing for your wallet and the environment when you run your home air conditioner in the Byron region.

Luckily, the team at Coughran Electrical Services are experts in air conditioner installation and maintenance, and we’ve put together some advice to help you save energy and money.

Size and type

The choice of unit is the most important consideration for long term efficiency.

A too-large system will cool too quickly and use too much energy to cool your smaller room every time you use it.

When a system is too small for the area, the unit must work harder to achieve the desired temperature. It will continue running at full power for longer, again using more energy and increasing your power bill every month.

Likewise, the type of cooling you choose for your home is important. The layout, orientation and surrounding features of your home can change the type of system that will be the most efficient choice for your needs.

A professional inspection is the best way to determine which air conditioner to choose for your home installation or advise if your current unit meets your needs effectively.

Efficient use

Use air conditioning units that include thermostats or timers to help reduce running time.

Coming home to a blast of cool air after a long day at work is fantastic. However, if you’re one of the 2.3 million Australians who are running aircon in an empty house, you’re also using more electricity and money.

You can find timer units that can switch on shortly before you return, giving you the same comfort without the excess runtime.

Set your thermostat to be comfortable, not cold. Most of the time, a temperature reduction of only 2 or 3 degrees is enough to feel comfortable without using excess power.

Nighttime is naturally cooler, and most people set their air conditioners at a temperature below the body’s requirements for optimal sleep.

If you still require a breeze while you sleep, a pedestal fan is a cheaper and less energy-intense option to consider on these nights.

Reduce heat

You can give a helping hand by reducing the heat in your home before you even turn on your system. This process may include the installation of blackout blinds to provide more natural cooling.

Switching off unused electrical appliances such as lights and televisions or computers can reduce the heat in the room as well.

Similarly, closing windows and doors to avoid letting in external heat will reduce the workload on your unit and improve the efficiency and longevity of your cooling.

However, if you know the forecast is for a hot day, opening doors and windows while it is still cool to maximise the amount of cool air in your home will mean less cooling is required the next day.

Regular maintenance

Even with a newer unit, dust and other buildups can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Clean the filters and exterior of the unit regularly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

At Coughran Electrical Services, we recommend you have your unit professionally inspected and maintained regularly.

Our inspection can identify blockages or faulty wiring and resolve the issue leaving you with energy and cost-efficient air conditioning to enjoy all summer long. 

If you need to book a clean or repair to help with the efficiency of your air conditioner, you can get in touch with our experts at Coughran Electrical for your air conditioning in Byron today.